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We love what we do, and we have brought some of the brightest minds from youth to elderly to collaborate as one unit to establish virtual villages to establish communities that will bring about a change. This effort is an effort of those who have come together and discuss only those things we can agree upon and rid ourselves of division that has existed for generations and generations. We pride ourselves in loyalty, trust and integrity.

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Why Choose Us

We have branded with professionals who are seeking to collaborate as one without the individuality and we invite as many professionals as possible who are like minded joining this movement.  



If you want to be apart of the change vs sitting on the sidelines



If you enjoy being around those who support your ideas as well as encourage you to pursue your purpose



If you are not afraid of new ideas and open minded to how those ideas can assist you and the community, you live in

we aren't afraid of trying new things

Be part of something great

If you have a voice and your voice has never counted or a voice that has ever been heard, UMYO- Un-masking Your Opinion was established just for that purpose. Here you can create your own podcast, at a price you and afford. Whatever you can donate monthly to get started, we encourage you to get started.

At UMYO, we have an honor system, and that honor system is to be the example.  We are about people that truly want to make difference not only in their lives but also the lives of others.   A call to action with accountability from every male woman and child.

To each one we are to teach one. At UMYO you will find those who are dedicated to making sure you are provided with the essential that you need to begin your purpose. 

Therefore, we have put in place an accountability both ways. This removes excuses and is especially set up for those who are seeking better options than what they currently have. 

Therefore, every organization, Content Creator, Youtuber, corporation, sports, entertainment entity, Athlete, Artist, Actor & persons are held to the highest extinct. We believe that with this format of everyone being accountable, and everyone seeing the bigger vision, who can disagree or find fault. We are not here to challenge you personally or what you do personally, we are here to challenge your heart and as long as you are not hurting others in any way, you are welcome and will always be welcome.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

UMYO isn’t just about us, it about establishing global communities that are tired of the status quo of division, racism, pride, envy, strife and violence that is hurting our communities. If this is you, we want you to become a part of the UMYO family!!  We will help you every step of the way!

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