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UMYO Account Executive Plan

$ 0 Employing Our Community
  • Elders, Youth, Students, Military Families,
  • Under Employed, Unemployed,
  • Ex- Offenders & Homelessness

UMYO Start Up Business Registration

Starting at $19 For New Businesses Only
  • When You Register, You Choose Who You want to Brand Your Business
  • Everyone Shares the Virtual Directories to give your Biz the visibility you need
  • With the $19.99 package, you not have an acct executive but you are still a member and we appreciate you.

UMYO Business Plus Registration

Starting at $100 For Established Businesses
  • When You Register, You Support Those Communities that have Supported Your Business
  • When You Register, You Choose Who You want to Brand Your Business
  • When You Register, you Choose Based upon your Budget "Tax-Write-Off's"
  • When every Business Registers, Half of Your Registration Employs Those In Your Community

Podcast Opportunities and Register as an UMYO Member

I AM A Community Supporter and I want Updates, Prize giveaways and more

$ 0 For All Communities
  • Registration is free

UMYO Podcast Channel

$ 0 Monthly Donation Employing Our Community
  • Do you have solutions for todays problems?
  • Can You Collectively work as a Single Unit?
  • Are You Ready for a Movement We can All Believe In?

I AM a Community Supporter who Wants to donate monthly

$ 1 or More For All Communities
  • Though Registration is free
  • We ask for every family and its members to donate at least $1 Monthly
  • Our objective is to use these donations to assist families, establish clean waters in affected cities, establish affordable housing and provide assisitance to those who truly needs it.
  • We are unsure what other organizations are doing with their donations but you will see virtually and weekly the lives you will be able to touch with your monthly donations. We will show both Parties how it should be done and challenge them to assist!


A call to action with accountability from every male woman and child. Every organization, Content Creator, Youtuber, corporation, sports & entertainment entity, Athlete, Artist, Actor & persons.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes, you can, Simply Click on the Account Executive page and choose an elder, military family, Student, Club, Youth, Unemployed, Athlete . ex-offender or unemployed. Click on Register your business and select from the businesses below to register. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Account executive of your choice via conference at the time they have scheduled.

Great question, we have packages starting at $19.99 for Businesses that doesn’t have enough resources at the moment. For those businesses that understand the power of branding and have advertising budget set aside for marketing, we have packages starting at $100 monthly to $10k 20k & up. Of course, the more you have set aside for branding, the more eyes that gets to see your prize.  There are various branding options that gives you the visibility you are seeking. Not to mention being branded to literally to hundreds to thousands guaranteed.

Yes, you may cancel at any time. We created these affordable packages for the purpose of supporting our community members who will be branding your business on your behalf. Not to mention everyone branding the directory and supporting those businesses that are listed. The best way to assist the community needs, reduce crime, employ communities is with your registration. So, any amount you provide will be enough to continue this movement.

Yes, all packages starting at $250 can be done by an acct exec. There is no personal information that can be used to compromise the integrity of the acct executive and your business. In the admin section, is only your contact information, business address and social media contact information. We do not store any personal information such as credit card, debit or banking Information.

We are the only virtual card service that not only provide you with options to add unlimited videos to your virtual cards, but we also provide you with community members to brand your card via popular social media platforms on your behalf.  Oh, you need someone to create a promotional video for you? We got that too! We also have created a global search directory where global communities can search for your specific business type.

Each business that registers with us also has access to their very own personal virtual audio, video, webinar, livestreaming conferencing where we pride ourselves in privacy, privacy, privacy. This means we do not listen to your call. You can immediately download and share your conferencing with your team, subscribers and or viewers.

Now how much will you pay to be branded to hundreds to thousands and you get to choose, or we can choose for you who will brand for you. No advertising company can guarantee you these many viewers but what if your advertising is advertised by the very community you are branded to!  Yea, we know that sounds like rivers of gold, so welcome to the new gold rush where you get to choose the amount you are able to afford based upon your budget. Perfect for tax-write-offs. No Pressure!!

We not finished, Now, let’s add a logo, banner, video commercial, virtual video card, business listing that links to your website inside the first Global virtual audio article video blog magazine. Oyea, did we mention, its owned by community vs big brother and now your monthly membership are employing community members who are providing you a service for a service while supporting your business. Ha Ha…

No business is authorized to share what they are doing with their profit, but with UMYO, we not only share what we are doing but we share it live so that others can see we are about community. With the UMYO Cards, it’s not just a card branding service, it’s a Movement where community and businesses together makes a difference. Oh, what a difference a day makes!! What are You waiting for? Go to UMYOBIZ.COM and you select the price that you want to pour back into your community. We not asking for your financial records. UMYO is based upon the honor system and how important is community to you? Come and see the many exciting things we have for family, youth, students, relationships and more.

Yes, with the UMYO Membership, we also include 

  1. Virtual Video, Audio, Webinar, Podcast & Livestreaming Membership
  2. Virtual Audio Article, Video Blog Magazine features and advertising ads
  3. Option for Your Acct Executive to do weekly podcast sponsored by your business
  4. Virtual Touch screen Kiosk websites (first of its kind)
  5. Search engine Optimization
  6. Google ranking
  7. Virtual Electronic Press Kits
  8. Products listed on Community Virtual Shelves
  9. Ads, Banners added to content creators podcast with 120k or more viewers
  10. Business Card shared by hundreds to thousands and those hundreds to thousands sharing on their social media page for your support

We have various directories. 

  1. One that caters to Hispanics
  2. Entertainment
  3. Realtors, Lofts, Etc
  4.  Attorneys
  5. Nubians
  6. Alumni’s
  7. Restaurants
  8. Nightlife
  9. Religions
  10. Stylist/Barbers
  11. Automotive
  12. Sports

Yes, if you are a fraternity, sorority, Alumni, College, Religious Entity, and or Organization with 5k or more members, we have the perfect technology platform that caters to your organization. This means you will no longer have to stress with fundraising. Your organization membership will not only take care of your fundraising needs but also be a positive cash flow for operational expenses.  Contact us at 682-231-2366 for more information.

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