Becoming The Best Version of Ourselves

Get unlimited access to content creators discussing topics that matters with solutions; listed in dozens of categories. All led by UMYO Community Members.

The power of Virtual Villages


Out Of The Box Thinkers

Combining The Best of The Youth and Elders Minds With The Objective of Developing Virtual Model Functional Communities.


Our Own Virtual Platforms

A Platform, Station and Channel of the Like-Minded Chasing Purpose While Restoring All Communities.


One Voice & One Nation

Digital Villages Using Our Own Technology In Our Own Communities, Telling Our Own Stories, Collecting Our Own Data.

umyo community Conferences

Youth & Teen Weekly Conferencing

Teens sharing their insecurities, triumphs, pain, success stories, mental illness, solutions, bullying, helping one another achieve success with understanding. Tuesday's 6:00 PM

Men Healing Together

Men sharing their insecurities, triumphs, pain, success stories, mental illness, how to effectively communicate in relationships, with children, family, jobs and helping one another achieve success with understanding. Tuesday - 1:00 P.M CST and 6:00 P.M. CST

SOIA Q & A Youth Ambassadors

Everything you need to know about becoming a SOIA Ambassador, account executive and talent contest of all types. Are you ready to finally be able to operate in your purpose.? Monday - 1:00 P.M CST and 6:00 P.M. CST

Un-Masking Your Opinion

My name is Cameron Copeland, and I am your coach and host for the youth and teen weekly conference. I know you are ready to share, its been long overdue!!
Cameron Copeland
My name is Doc Rich, I am excited to be one of your hosts for the men conference we will be sharing together weekly. Buckle your seat belt and let's ride share together
Doc Rich
This is totally fantastic, finally something we can not only call our own but something we can be productive while sharing.
Fredrika Simmons

we are Motivated To Be The Difference Makers

So, we are establishing Virtual Villages where every City & State are held to the highest accountability of giving one to another. Whether that be by voice, educating, knowledge, or financial support. If City Officials choose to join; you are welcome. We may have all heard of transparency, but have we ever seen it? Here you will see it and if you dont see it, please don’t support U.S!!

Collectively, we will show the current system how to effectively problem solve through the giving of our services to those who truly needs it. 

A Method to the Madness that's common sense

A "Call to Action" with Accountability from every male woman and child. Every organization, corporation, sports and entertainment entity, person.  Thus, bringing solutions to causes such as polluted water in Jackson Mississippi, Flint Michigan, Midland, Lubbock, Brady & Houston Texas, Pasadena, Frisco, Modesto, San Diego California, Pensacola, Jacksonville Florida, Reno Nev Omaha Neb just to name a few. If we do not take a stand with a "Plan of Action" that we all can hear, take part in and agree upon, eventually this will affect us all.

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