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THE GIVE INDIANA ORGANIZATION IS ALL ABOUT CHANGING LIVES. is comprised of a team of dedicated & dependable community members, mayors, attorneys from various cities that are experts in a wide range of practice areas. Whether you’re an individual, business or a corporation who decides to support, we have the experience and results-driven mindset to achieve the goal of providing $500 additional resources to needed families monthly. Working collectively to make poverty escap-able

Our Goal

Economic insecurity isn't a new challenge or a partisan issue. Wealth and income inequality, which have long plagued our country, continue to grow. The Give Organization is part of a national movement; our goal is to reach Cities with the Highest Percentage of Population Below the Poverty Level in Indiana. We create data-driven guaranteed Income pilots and or wealth initiatives specifically to meet the needs and requirements of municipalities in Indiana..

Our Mission

To provide sustainable programs that generate positive change for the underrepresented communities across our nation. To provide sustainable programs that create positive change for individuals, cities, and states to duplicate. The GIVE organization recognizes that it takes more than a bed, or educational programming, to get out of poverty.

Paticipating Mayors

The Mayor Lead campaign was created by the national foundation, the Mayors of a Guaranteed Income. The campaign intends for constituents nationwide to petition and call their mayors, urging them to support guaranteed income. Residents can write letters to the editors of local papers or coordinate with organizations or small businesses to help Mayors understand their community's desire for a guaranteed income. Through direct and public pressure, we can get 100 new Mayors to publicly support Guaranteed Income and work to promote the idea at a local, state, and federal level..

Global Movement

It takes comprehensive job training. It takes connecting people with skills and education with others without having the same opportunities. It takes a visible grassroots effort that includes all segments of society—government, businesses, nonprofits, schools, faith and civic groups, and communities— to connect and create change..

Research and Evaluation

GIVE and Indiana University Northwest have established a partnership to collect surveys to create data analysis of each pilot. The Indiana University Northwest aims to consolidate the key learnings from the pilots in Northwest Indiana and Marion County cities and leverage data to build from pilots into a federal policy. Everyone deserves an income floor through a guaranteed income.

Simple solution with community support

We are not seeking hand-outs - We are providing each participating business with discounted branding packages and for each Business that Registers, some as low as $100 monthly with the commitment of a year, we can service our communities collectively. Simply put, we are providing a service for a service. For each 1500 businesses that registers, we are able to provide 150 families with sustainable income for one year. These families must qualify and be proactive in creating opportunities for themselves while receiving community support.

Will Miller General Manager, Transition 2nd Phase Board Mbr



We utilize our donations at GIVE Indiana to transform the lives of underserved individuals and communities. In keeping with our mission of “MAKING POVERTY ESCAPABLE, THE G.I.V.E organization’s focus has been to cater to and support less privileged children and families, reaching the unreached, including rural areas and urban cities, with our services.

GIVE completed a successful guaranteed income pilot program in the city of Gary, IN: To view the pilot snapshot click the snapshot button. We are ready to create a guaranteed income pilot for your city.


• GIVE Student Care Package Program – Give S.C.P. gifts to students at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities Freshmen in the State of Indiana.

• GIVE Eradicating Poverty Workshops

• GIVE “A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out.” Program


Mayor City of Gary -Chairman of the Board

Mayor Jerome A. Prince

 We can all agree that many disparities continue to exist in our society. More often than not, the net effect is disproportionately adverse for constituents of legacy cities, such as Gary. To that end, as a means of augmenting the present social safety net, I wholeheartedly embrace the concept of MGI as presented by the coalition. See video




President/ GIVE's Executive Board

Not in pic Executive Board Members: State Representative Mike Andrade and Mr. Willie Pritchett


Thomas P. Dakich,

Managing Member/General Counsel Digital Crossroads

State Representative Mike Andrade – Executive Board -Government

Executive Board Members

Martin Luther King said, the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure, the guaranteed Income

Councilman Steve Tulowitzki

Despite our disagreements and the division disguised by media, if we don’t do this now, by the time we are all in agreement, it will be to late. Collaboration is the only way we all can live harmoniously. 

Heather Ennis,

President & CEO at Northwest Indiana Forum

Partner at Rack Bunker Data Centers Executive Board Member - IT

Willie Pritchett

speak with Burgess j. People

Mayor Jerome A. Prince was the first to sign up in the state of Indiana. To join the fight against poverty! Who will be next?

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