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We asked for every youth to give at least $1 dollar weekly to our weekly winners. One thing we realized is most have a fear of signing to labels, so what we have decided to do is provide incentives for talent to not only receive money for their talent to reach their dreams but with enough community support, they can be supported by their own community with more royalties without the restrictions as well as fear for signing at the dotted line. As an extra incentive we are providing a financial adviser and life coaching to our weekly winners so that they are also taught the importance of investing in self vs material gain.

Also, these artists get paid for your votes. For each paid vote, we send you a monthly check giving you half. Our objective is for those who have a fan base or those seeking a fan base to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Where Community supports their own community!! The other half of the monthly fee will go towards continuing our weekly production with aspiration to pay all of our youth interns with payment they can be happy with. The more we support our youth, the more we empower our communities internationally. This is only the beginning. Unlimited support!!!

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